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My body of work is centered around emotionally intelligent and strategic communication for the betterment of conscious capitalism.

Hi there, my name is Sahar Paz and I’m a personal branding expert, communication strategist, professional speaker, and best-selling author who partners with people and organizations wanting to have the conversations that convert.

Whether the voices are internal or external, in private or public settings, the ability to communicate inclusively is the only way to close the communication gap between generations, gain influence, and be a conscious capitalist.

I know this because I’ve lived it. I was a child during the politically tense revolution, where consumers were scared and demanded clear communication and truth - a reflection of modern times.

How did you find your voice? Share that story. Strategically.

Once I felt the change in my life that came from owning my story and valuing my voice, I wanted to share it with others. I launched Free Your Star Foundation giving a voice to high school students through publishing a magazine for school credit. Knowing that helping the students was not enough, I wanted to also reach out to the women in their homes and lives - I wrote and published “Find Your Voice,” in 2014 which was followed by a national speaking tour.

Soon after organizations began to request my “Own Your Voice” presentations highlighting leadership, negotiation, and sales among generations. I transferred my skills of building a successful professional speaking career into Own Your Voice Strategy Firm, a firm that specializes in building and activating personal brands with a vision to build a collective of thought leaders who will own their voices to influence social change and create a shift towards conscious capitalism.

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