Asha Dahya

Editor-in-Chief, GirlTalk HQ

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My name is Asha Dahya, I am the creator and current editor-in-chief. I started this women’s daily news website with YOU in mind. After hosting and producing TV shows for over a decade in Australia, the UK and here in Los Angeles where I am currently based (Disney, Fox, MTV, Nickelodeon, ABC, TV Guide,,, Nine Network Australia, Bitesize TV), I wanted to see more from what I was consuming on a daily basis. I realized there was a huge disparity in the way women were represented in the media compared to men, so instead of complaining, I did something about it.

I have joined a growing list of millennial women wanted to create content that informs, entertains and elevates while also encouraging and inspiring a whole new generation of media consumers.

My passion in life is to use my platform to inspire my generation to raise their voice. I believe media is the most powerful form of communication, and today we all have the tools to be creators, influencers and tastemakers in our communities.

While GTHQ covers a range of topics that are relevant to women today, the topics I am most passionate about discussing are feminism, women’s reproductive rights, the representation of women in film & TV, diversity in the media, and gender equality measures.

We live in an age where anything is possible, and women and girls are creating opportunities for themselves that never existed before. My hope is for you to be empowered by the content you see here, and share it with your network.

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October 04, 2019, 01:30 PM
Asha Dahya