Jessica Barnak

Founder, Spiritual Bosses

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If you ask my husband and daughters, I'm obsessively clean, neurotically addicted to Game of Thrones and I love a good (not nice at all) game of Monopoly and/or Scrabble. I'm a self proclaimed Instagram addict, I love all things coffeeeeeeeee and I frequently wear a tshirt that says "dog mom."

I am a spiritually minded business coach for real entrepreneurs who struggle with fear and overwhelm and people who suck. Through the combination of deliberate clarity and intentional strategy, I work to elevate every client to that place in her business where she is working less for more money. She walks away with a rinse.repeat system to continue not only generating leads, but making more sales and building an intentional tribe of loyal fans in the online space.

I am a mindset junkie. I'm big into the Universe and I'm addicted to every day perspective and mindset for real people. I believe that your life and your business can be run from a spiritually led space, and that when we learn to focus on what we want instead of what we don't want, we manifest so easily in this life, and we also change the lives of the people we meet because our ripple is far and wide reaching.

10 years ago it took just 3 short phone calls to bring me flat on my ass wondering who I was, what I wanted and asking myself how I let myself get so lost in the fear. My business burned to the ground and my two daughters were diagnosed with terminal illnesses within 3 months of each other. My story is not a pretty one, but it’s a powerful one and it’s the one that’s led me to this place today, talking to you and for that, I’m ever grateful.

I truly believe that there are just two paths we can choose in any given situation: Fear or Love. It’s so stupid simple, isn't it? Love or fear. There is literally no other option and the meaning of life? To choose love in every situation. EVERY situation. So hard.

My purpose in life is to stay connected to love, optimism and vibe of our Universe and to help as many spiritually evolved entrepreneurs as I can realize that their purpose is the same exact thing. By doing what lights us up, we stay connected. By choosing love over fear, we stay connected. By being true to ourselves and our hearts – you guessed it – we stay connected.

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Choose Differently For A Powerful Life

October 03, 2019, 01:30 PM
Jessica Barnak