Lauren Postler

Founder, LMP Consulting

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Lauren is obsessed with mobilizing resources, including funding, data and talent, to drive social impact |

A career consultant with more than 15 years of experience in strategic planning, change management, capacity building and collaborations for nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 businesses alike, Lauren brings a wealth of knowledge, a dynamic skill set and a passion to her work with mission-driven organizations. Her previous involvement in fundraising with leaders in the oil & gas industry and background as a social worker has lent itself to both a “grass-roots” and “big picture” approach helping clients build their brands and raise capital to fuel their cause.

For the last several years, her expertise has centered around collective impact and fostering public, private and academic collaborations among stakeholders. She is devoted to empowering social enterprise startups, and female founders in particular, through engagements at the University of Houston’s award-winning Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship and Rice University in addition to serving as a founding member of the Texas Impact Alliance.

An active member of the philanthropic community in Houston, she is also dedicated to her numerous service commitments as a board member and volunteer for area nonprofits. Her passions include protecting animals + the environment, mental health + addictions recovery, diversity + inclusion and advocacy for veterans in honor of her family's long-standing history of military service.

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Moderator: Just Made Foods: Sourcing Food + Social Impact

October 25, 2019, 01:30 PM
Lauren Postler